Why Demons Possess and not Shapeshift

Why Demons Possess and not Shapeshift

The devil does not work alone in deceiving mankind, he has workers. Satan, also called Devil or Lucifer, has agents that help propagate the gospel of evil. These agents are known as demons, just as God has angels, Lucifer has demons. A demon is defined as an evil spirit capable of possessing vulnerable human beings. Christian philosophers believe in the existence of demons on earth, and they hold them responsible for the wickedness that mankind displays. This is because without devil’s agents, humans will show kindness and love each other deeply.

Shapeshifting requires uncommon magical powers which

Shapeshifting requires uncommon magical powers which only the highest ranking evil workers have. Demons are unable to shapeshift because unlike the devil, they lack the power to alter their spiritual form and make it physical. The Christian Bible gives no clear evidence that demons shapeshift. In the Bible, there are examples of people being possessed by demons but after being cast out the demons were powerless. Satan’s agent cannot operate unless it has inhabited a vessel, what it does is transport from vessel to vessel. Demons lack the capability to morph into a girl or a python, they maintain their spiritual form and possess a body to operate with.

Why Demons Possess and not Shapeshift

Another way demons operate is inhabiting inanimate objects like books or dolls. While in this state, the demon remains dormant until it finds a body to inhabit. Christians advise caution when dealing with such satanic incarnations. It is easy for demons to possess a person who is not spiritually fortified to fight against Lucifer. Praying to God is the Christian and Jewish way of repelling evil spirits. Demons cannot inhabit the body of a person who has the spirit of God because Christians believe in the supremacy of God over all activities of Satan on earth. Lucifer recruits demons to torment defaulters who end up in hell after a lifetime of evil on earth.

Satan’s workers manifest after being assigned by Lucifer to leave hell to take over humanity. Just as Christians have a sacred duty to win souls for Christ, demons must find souls for the devil to manipulate into committing atrocities. Christian philosophers debated the biological factors involved when a demon enters a person and decided that the process is more spiritual than biological. Since it is spiritual, you must seek equal spiritual fortification to ward off evil spirits from your home. Through one human being, demons can cause destruction to fall upon an entire city.

Possessing the body of another is just as bad as shapeshifting, so demons are still to be feared. Christians encourage the reading of psalms daily as protection from evil spirits lurking around. When in danger of possession, holding the Bible like a shield will protect you from harm. Demons reject those who call on God to take control of all things concerning worldly spirits. Whilst an angel can materialize physically, demons are prevented from doing so. Knowing about the presence of demons on earth is necessary to avoid being caught unawares by a demon looking for a human body to control.