Why choose to become a vampire
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Why choose to become a vampire

Given a chance this second and asked to choose between being a vampire or a werewolf, the former is my choice. But not just any ordinary vampire, an original, the first of my kind.

As a mere mortal being with limited amount of time left to live, there are things these eyes will not live to see. For example, Science is continuously advancing so excuse me for wanting the first class ticket and a front row seat the show. A front row seat to see an intelligent woman receive a prestigious humanity award for discovering a treatment to cancer that has a ninety-nine percent recovery rate. Being aboard a NASA space shuttle with a hundred others in the next two hundred years as we take the first step towards colonizing a planet with huge potential of supporting life, Mars. It takes a vampire who never ages to archive these and many more.

This individual wants to travel the

When this hair turns grey with old age and diseases like diabetes weaken my body, death is knocking. It’s the inevitable end that scare most simply for the reason of not knowing what exists there after a heart stops beating. People move on with their lives like they just did not place you six feet beneath the ground and in a few decades your name stops being mentioned. As a vampire, my mind would be less occupied scared about any of these things because of the gift of a life eternal.

This individual wants to travel the world, eat all kinds of food, dance in the streets of different cities to their cultural music holding a bottle of the most expensive liquor. Wake up at 12 in the afternoon to a messy hotel room not remembering getting there in the first place. Sounds pretty much like everything to be archived as a vampire with unlimited access to time.

Why choose to become a vampire

Speed has always fascinated me in all its aspects. When my mind takes me far from harsh reality, I’ve always imagined running as fast as the flash. A fragile body like mine cannot survive a lightening strike let alone an electric shock that is five hundred times less powerful. Becoming a vampire comes with vampire speed so that is something to opt for. It’s not exactly running at the speed of light or out running bullets but it’s still stealthy and takes on people.

A heightened sense of smell and hearing makes me want to choose to be a vampire too. Tracking down an enemy in a forest and helping find a kid who got lost in the woods sounds heroic. The ability to hear anything from a mile away would be a plus for me.

Another reason for choosing to be a vampire would be the compulsion power at my behest. There’s no doubt about how challenging it could be at first but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Once that is done, I’ll walk into town, go to a car shop display and compel myself an expensive Rolls-Royce. Either that or a beautiful sail boat off the coast of Fiji Island and go fishing for a couple of days.