What will you Expect when you wake up One day and realize you are a Werewolf

What will you Expect when you wake up One day and realize you are a Werewolf

Watching movies about werewolf might make you hype and might want to be one, but what is a werewolf, according to Wikipedia, a werewolf is an entity or to simply put a mythical creature that is commonly seen or be in any folklore. It is still a mortal but, it will turn or shapeshift into a wolf during a full moon, these creatures might be like this if they are purposely. To be a werewolf creature since birth, or maybe a werewolf has been cursed by some sort of godly yet otherworldly creature. The origins of these creatures called werewolves might differ depending on which story they come from. The looks are greatly affected by the countries culture or tradition, what if the day you become a werewolf, what can an individual do, maybe what we expect.

One day, you will wake up to be a werewolf, slowly turning one under the light of a full moon, what should you expect from it. Of course, an individual that will become will have the same senses as a wolf, its senses perhaps be better many times compared to an ordinary mortal. For example, a werewolf could sense if someone had an ill intention towards a werewolf. While transforming into a werewolf, that entity potentially hears from afar distance conversely could be miles away depending on what kind of werewolf he is. Just like the sense of hearing the sense of smell is greatly increased along with improvements that could track someone by just smelling. A werewolf will have an improvement in his senses greater than any type of creature living on the planet.

It might be a good idea

As a werewolf potentially will grant a person a strength that surpasses any man, not only when you are in werewolf form but also while using your human form. While having this inhuman strength a character is possessing the ability conversely blood of a lycanthrope could excel in a vast activity wherever you are. However, a person will perhaps more likely use his werewolf powers for personal gains such as fame, money, or any materialistic things. With this inhuman strength, an entity with a werewolf power to do good things preferentially bad things, but this will definitely depend on that personage, maybe what kind of character he is.

It might be a good idea about the skill to easily transform from werewolf to human form, and you will seemingly choose to become a werewolf that can transform without the full moon. Because it could be a pain in the head when an entity will possibly transform as the full moon rises, a human will lose its will yet cannot control his transformation if the criteria to change form is the moon. As there will always be the risk of getting caught and when a person transforms into a werewolf they will presumably be subjected to insults practically any type of fear from a normal human. Yet, with the worst-case scenario, the normal people will hold hands together to take down that person. Because human species tend to fear and react to something different from them, without concerning themselves that can do harm roughly not.

What will you Expect when you wake up One day and realize you are a Werewolf

There will also be a disadvantage of a werewolf because there is no such being that is perfect except for the creator of the planet and different being resided on the planet. Superman is vulnerable towards the kryptonite, same as superman, the werewolf had its weakness, the silverware. Assuming different stories have werewolf characters usually, those beings are not immune or have weakness in materials that has silver. And with this kind of weakness, it will be hard to attend a luxurious party. More importantly, despite having a will in a werewolf form there are times when the wolf blood or being beast will overrun your humanity. That potentially causes harm and destruction to innocent people, it will be a good idea to learn how to control it.

Though, being a werewolf is a good idea, and has many advantages, to will be proven difficult to achieve. Except when you are living in a fantasy world otherwise, scientists will perform experiments on humans that perhaps will lead to the realization of these creatures that are called lycanthropes.