The Strength of a Hybrid
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The Strength of a Hybrid

Growing up, if you did not have nightmares about a werewolf, you must have had bad dreams about a vampire. Horror movies represent werewolves/vampires as scary creatures that have no love for humans. A werewolf is a wolf-like creature that feeds on human flesh, while vampires are immortal beings with large fangs which they can use to feed on human blood. Some skeptics think that werewolves/vampires only exist in movies, but fantasy enthusiasts are convinced that these creatures are not fictional.

While we may not know so

While we may not know so much about werewolves and vampires, we can say that they are not best friends. Werewolves/vampires are always at each other’s necks, so both creatures are well-equipped to conquer their rivals. A werewolf bite is fatal to an attacking vampire, but a vampire can scratch a werewolf to death. Despite this rivalry, a werewolf can mate with a vampire to produce a hybrid offspring.

The Strength of a Hybrid

A vampire and werewolf hybrid is born when these creatures interbreed. Hybrids usually have the capabilities of both a werewolf and a vampire; therefore, hybrids are always more powerful than their parents. Some abilities give a vampire/werewolf hybrid its unrivaled strength. The bite of a werewolf is fatal to a vampire, but a hybrid’s bite is more potent. The bite of a hybrid can kill a vampire twice as fast as a werewolf bite. Only the blood of a hybrid can save a vampire who has been bitten by another werewolf or hybrid.

The hybrid is not limited to the weaknesses of its parents because of its mixed abilities. Unlike a werewolf, a hybrid does not need to wait until the moon is full to take on it’s wolf form because it can do this at any time. Hybrids can even enjoy a leisurely walk in the sun, unlike their vampire parents. Apart from having more abilities than its parents, a hybrid physically stronger than them. It will easily defeat any werewolf/vampire in a hand wrestling contest.

The hybrid’s physical strength makes it able to run and move faster than its parents. Despite their physical strength, they can control minds or detect when someone is lying. Hybrids have a more heightened sense of smell, sight, and reflex than vampires or werewolves. They are also immune to things like garlic, crucifixes, or roses. There is no doubt that a hybrid is superior to both vampires and werewolves. Hybrids possess the strengths of both werewolves and vampires but are not affected by most of their weaknesses.