The Perks Of Being A Werewolf

The Perks Of Being A Werewolf

Lycans commonly known as werewolves have been known to man since the year 2100BC, the ancient Greeks were the first to depict them in stories, poems and riddles. However, werewolves became permanent members of the supernatural world in modern folklore during the 16th century, where they rank as the most stable of all other members. Early depictions show them to be partly men, partly wolves, their true origins are still debated today, but they’re believed to have originated from Central Europe, gradually migrating to other parts of the world. There have been confirmed cases of werewolf sightings, the most popularly documented cases occurring in France and London.

A single advantage out of the

A single advantage out of the diverse advantages werewolves have, surpassing all members of the supernatural community is the ability to live two lives, werewolves enjoy the best of both worlds without both sides interfering with each other. In their human form, it is easy to live a normal life without others being aware of what they are. Werewolves do not have the tell-tale signs that vampires have, the pale skin and the lack of a reflection in a mirror or the irreversible change of form that merfolk, ghouls or zombies have.

In the supernatural world a werewolf

In the supernatural world a werewolf is not constrained or held back by weaknesses posed by the physical world especially the elements, the sun and the moon. Sunlight is a vampire’s kryptonite, vampires have to be confined to coffins or dark enclosures until the sun sets before they are free to roam around, merfolk are constrained to water bodies. This is not the same for werewolves who are free to roam around anytime of the day without consequence. Unlike the depictions of folklore, werewolves do not lose control or become mad during a full moon, all lycans do have a special connection with the moon, but they are not overwhelmed by it. They can transform anytime they want, at night or in broad daylight. Whereas vampires thirst for blood until they’re mad with lust for it, werewolves have no such inclination to be over their animal side or instincts. Werewolves are quite capable of surviving on a human diet if they wish to.

The Perks Of Being A Werewolf

The perks of being a werewolf include having uncommon strength, especially in their human form, werewolves can lift objects that are three times their body weight. Werewolves are fast and all their senses are heightened, even in their human form, this heightened sense surpasses all other creatures. All lycans see better and farther than most, especially in the dark, with a sense of smell that is second to none. Lycans hear frequencies that the human ear cannot discern, and the ability to hear heartbeats as clear as day aids in their hunting. An added sixth sense is what separates them from their counterparts, as werewolves can communicate telepathically with their kind and distance is no limitation to this ability. To crown it all, werewolves have long life spans because of their slow aging process, with many of them living above three hundred years.

There are numerous ways you can become a werewolf depending on which folklore is referenced, sometimes becoming a werewolf cannot be helped. If both your immediate parents and someone in your lineage possess the Lycanthrope Gene. Another way it cannot be helped is when a curse is placed on you. A man or a woman struck with the curse of lycanthropy by powerful witches, mages and sometimes sorcerers will turn into a lycanthrope. Although, it is these types of werewolves that are associated with madness of some sort because in retrospect, these cursed individuals are not aware of their actions.

Other methods are used when it is your personal choice to become a lycan. In some parts of Europe, members of society believe if you come out on certain days of the week, a full moon can cause the change. If you spend a whole night outside with the full moon touching your face for the duration of the night, you would change into what your heart desired. When powerful magic is involved, donning a cloak of wolf pelt will immediately let you shift form. Performing an invoking ritual under a full moon is also another way to go about it, but you have to be armed with the right materials and spells for it to be a success.

Werewolves are beautiful creatures filled with raw power, authority, energy and grace. It makes them stand out, makes them alluring to the ordinary man. With the added advantages they possess, who wouldn’t want to become a werewolf?