The Devil Could be Your Neighbour

The Devil Could be Your Neighbour

A shapeshifter can turn into a little boy or a wild animal. They change appearances the same way chameleons change their skin color to blend with any environment. In Christian belief, “devil” means spirit of evil, also known as Satan or Lucifer. Satan’s true nature and his mode of operation on earth remain uncertain. 50% of mankind say the Devil can appear like a human being. The other 50% believe that animals are the vehicles for transformation. Although there is a theory that this character is entirely fictitious, Christians and Jews presume that the character is real.

Christian philosophers believe Satan can morph

Christian philosophers believe Satan can morph into any form; however, this theory is debatable. The bible records only two shapes of the devil: a serpent and a spirit. Taking the form of a serpent in the garden of Eden, Lucifer deceived a woman created by God. Afterwards, it was recorded that every time humans conceived evil in their heart, that evil was put there by the devil. That is, Lucifer morphed into a spiritual being after taking the shape of a wild snake. The community of Christian philosophers has frequently discussed the transformation ability of the devil. Their debates reveal that since spiritual beings are flexible, they can become a child or a cat.

The Devil Could be Your Neighbour

Spirits are not under the same biological restrictions that prevent human beings from altering their physical form. Satan is a trickster who shapeshifts to deceive the children of God. If evil appears in the original form that it was created, it is unlikely that it will successfully trick mankind into disobeying God. For example, to trick Eve, the evil one reincarnated into a talking snake. Mythologies cast the devil as an archangel who was dismissed from heaven by God. The devil was cast away, but his powers were not taken.

Given that Lucifer is a fallen angel, human beings cannot see him in his true form. To talk to mortals, Lucifer adopts appearances of earthly beings like animals and people. Shapeshifting is a magical thing, so it is beyond the reasoning of ordinary mortals. As a spirit, the devil cannot be seen physically, but voices are often heard through agents of darkness who speak evil. Lucifer’s natural form is impossible to see because he is cunning. To notice the shapeshifting abilities of Satan, Christians advise that you pray to God regularly for the spirit of discernment bearing in mind that to shapeshift means to transform your physical appearance.

The incident in the Garden of Eden, as recorded by the Bible, showed that the devil can shapeshift. Considering biblical mythology, Satan was an angel so his appearances are unfathomable. These are indications of a devil’s power to alter appearance in physical and spiritual realms. Due to widespread belief in Lucifer’s existence, one in ten people think they are possessed by that wicked spirit. A person who exhibits disregard for God’s commandments is often called a satanic incarnate. Devil can be anywhere and everywhere, in your school, in your home or in your neighborhood.