Reasons why werewolves harm people

Reasons why werewolves harm people

The image of the werewolf master has been violently tainted, as a result of being distorted by the current film and fiction industry lately. This wolf theory is aimed at individuals who turn into werewolves on four nights during a full eclipse. Werewolves attack pets, humans, anything they find because they lose control, and demonstrations of eating live prey bring them back. The explanation that most creatures attack humans is hunger, and a lack of fear of humans. That cycle of transition from human to monster tends to require high calories, it made sense the beast would starve a little if he ended it.

In any human structure, they'll almost

In any human structure, they’ll almost justify the longing and handle it in fewer wild ways, for example, to get away with it. Yet, in a dog structure, wolves don’t have a higher degree of prevention from doing this. The meat eater is only looking for any next prey, for someone who changes in someone else’s firm, the next prey will always be the vulnerable. Wolves will spend most of their lives as humans, and not animals. If wolves take care of their brains and change, wolves usually won’t be afraid of people if they live as one for life. Yet, if werewolves didn’t guard their souls, the intense thirst would almost overpower the intuitive fear in their heads.

Reasons why werewolves harm people

The old style wolf is a spirit of nature, hatred that arises because of blasphemy, and is transformed by the intensity of a solar eclipse. It talked about the feeling of people trembling in front of an unknown, angry, wild monster, which is more risky when fantasies arise. They’re not human like beasts, werewolves rob monsters who speak with their darkest motives, or attack with humility. The new beast was new when daydreaming journalists realized their money added a point to their story. Your wolves are not that bad, they can be dangerous, there’s a reason they attack humans.

Wolves feel hungry, though that is not any main explanation they’re usually so caring, supper in their human structure. There are stories of them coming from different places, a certain appetite is responsible for their action. Your normal animal rarely starves, it attacks adults who are near its domain. These animals don’t need outsiders to get too close to their burrows where they raise young, store food. Nobody likes servants, not even living beings, maybe dogs, that’s what John Miller thought of them being friendly in the human structure. In a fiction that shows individuals becoming these creatures, they’ve no memories of being werewolves, if it’s the first part when turning around.

Adults never hear about what happens on top of their beast structures. John Miller believes that as a wolf you have no mammal memory, so you don’t really notice the strange beasts around you. The creature can get scared when people scream and try to attack them. They’ll try to defend themselves, or can be impatient, not special to a living substance. If the fool chooses to run, it’ll trigger their tracer impulse, so will continue to track it. For you, not to be in danger of the predator, always stay away from keeping late nights.