Perks of being a Werewolf

Perks of being a Werewolf

Once every month, twelve times a year the full moon is visible in the clear night sky. At that moment, it turns someone with a werewolf curse to a wolf sending them on an attacking spree on the human faction. This is not always the case as sometimes they hunt vampires, creatures they have been fighting with for hundreds of years. Standing next to a supernatural shape shifter who without knowledge transforms into a large, scary and easily irritated wolf is not where you want to be.

Besides the five hours of excruciating pain spent breaking every single bone in the body that would have you regretting your entire existence, being a werewolf does have plenty of advantages.

Much like a young transitioned vamp,

Initially, werewolves are supernatural creatures so it would only make sense to say that supernatural strength is in place. Even before sparkling the beast from within, a few altercations have proved a less normal kind of strength than an average high school kid. In human form, it is weaker compared to a bloodsucker but still puts up a good fight. As a beast on four limbs, wolves are more powerful than an ordinary vampire, even those hitting more than five centuries of existence. In a group of at least five, wolves easily overpower an original vampire.

Much like a young transitioned vamp, a werewolf has the benefit of super speed. This ability is not just chained to their animal form but can also be done before transformation. Werewolves move much faster compared to humans and supernatural species like witches.

Perks of being a Werewolf

There is nothing as good as a sense of belonging and a bond of family especially when the common enemy lives next door. Of all the supernatural elements, none have shown an unwavering level of loyalty and support for each other like the werewolves. The vamp community has always had internal feuds of disloyalty ganging up against their own kind. Witches are no different as they persecute and kill many of their own for selfish gains of the ancestors.

If you are fortunate enough to be a werewolf for even just a second and in a way physically injured yourself, you would be surprised. This is because of how fast the cut will heal itself not leaving even a scar. Careful not to have a broken neck as there is no healing from that. An extremely heightened sense of sight, taste, hearing and smell is a gift you’d be taking home. Another perk werewolves pride themselves in is the lethal venom in their bite to an ordinary vampire. This is why vampires view them as foes that should be ripped apart on sight. The thought of a painful death if bitten has never sat comfortably with them.