Perks of being a werewolf

Perks of being a werewolf

A werewolf was a mythical creature which was originally a human with an ability to turn into a wolf. Werewolves have supernatural strength both physically and mentally. Lifting large objects such as the living room couch with such ease would be a dream come true. Working out for hours back to back without your body going numb from all the effort. Confidence to walk alone at night fearlessly to your club or restaurant of choice is appealing. A werewolf was assured of free security that was more than competent as it combined strength and claws.

Living in a pack where loyalty,

Living in a pack where loyalty, belonging and respect is guaranteed is another perk of being half wolf. A werewolf pack is similiar to having a family outside your own with an added advantage that your thought processes are connected. Family can move to another continent and leave you on your own but a werewolf pack is a lifetime affair. Unless cutoff for not adhering to set rules you would have a permanent home.

Perks of being a werewolf

Finding another human being that you have mutual feelings for is hard enough looking someone ready to spend a lifetime with is next to impossible. Situations change, choices change, love fades, people grow and so many more issues. One minute you are happily in love the next you cannot stand being in the same room with each other. Having a predestined soulmate would be a blessing at this point. You can confidently wait for them to show up and both of you will live happily ever after. Dating apps will be useless but the hustle of finding the better half would not as difficult as it is now.

Enhanced ability to see, hear and smell are bound to come in handy. With your senses enhanced you can smell coffee brewing while miles away. Listening in on conversations without being suspected can give advantage against plotting enemies. Improved eyesight saves you from having to squint to look at the board in a lecture hall. Senses are a basic human function, their limit can always be extended.

A werewolf recovered from injuries faster than the average human. Wounds would stitch themselves up in record time while bones reattached themselves when dislocated or broken. Immunity is boosted enough to ensure health and freedom from life-threatening diseases. The cons of becoming a werewolf such as sensitivity to the full moon are outweighed by the advantages. It would be a dream come true to become a werewolf.