Nature Of A Werewolf

Nature Of A Werewolf

Werewolves are humans who have the ability to transform into wolves due to a curse placed on them or when bitten by other werewolves. A typical werewolf would look like a man-wolf, that is in the form of the animal but has the posture of a normal man. The head would be the head of a normal animal but with a bigger mouth and larger set-of-teeth. Their mouth contains a deadly poison, which could lead a death for any individual bitten. This poison is believed to be fatal to their mortal enemy, vampires. Large hands, which are hairy, not touching the ground like normal animals as many cultures believe, but upright with legs used for running.

This beast is feared in places

This beast is feared in places that believe in it. In the past, different people have been accused of being one and most of them were executed. Their main problem is the transformation process, many stories tells the process to be a painful one, especially during a full moon. Asides the transformation, these creatures have great abilities that help them such as agility, endurance, strength and even immortality. Spectacular creatures are said to be the smartest mythical creature as they know when to attack.

Nature Of A Werewolf

There are also certain tales that tell the story of hides giving people the abilities, these hides are in the form of the skin. Each hide is called a knight and is given a name to identify it. Periodically, knights choose a champion to possess and gift the abilities, the main purpose of their creation was to defeat evil. Hides could inform their champions on when magic is being used around them with a strong ringing sound in the head. The champions may have difficulty with control as these hides want to roam free on their own. When a champion dies, the hide goes back to its locker till it is time to select a new person.

These beasts are strong, they posses superhuman strength, able to lift heavy items effortlessly. This strength protects them from their enemies and helps them when they want to attack. Lifting of objects like cars is easy to them and this strength does not affect their speed. Their speed is another desirable trait which makes them run faster than the average sport car. These traits, along with being able to see in the dark make them good hunters. When in beast mode, it is difficult for them to control their emotions, they end up devouring everything in their path and could hurt people close, that’s why it is regarded as a curse.

With all their unique abilities, they still have weaknesses, such as silver and wooden objects. Silver is believed to kill them, when being hunted the people hunting them make use of silver bullets. They are immune to any other object and can’t be hurt by them except silver or driving a wooden object through their heart. The silver works by blocking their healing ability, the object would have to be removed from their body before healing can start.