Existence of vampires and warewolves
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Existence of vampires and warewolves

The existence of vampires and werewolves in real life depends on many factors most being psychological. Some believe they possess qualities that make them werewolves or vampires although such is questionable. Children have grown up to fear such creatures because of them being used as villains in movies together with stories. There have not been any reported cases of a live vampire or maybe a werewolf being caught. The only information about these beings is based on stories of residents of an area who claim to be eye-witnesses of such. It should not be forgotten that the brain plays tricks and such illusions may be the results of the brain tricks.

Vampires are creatures that have purple

Vampires are creatures that have purple skin plus long canines which are used to bite humans. Once a vampire bites someone, the human becomes a vampire as well and the chain of blood thirsty creatures goes on. Vampires are allergic to sunlight meaning their presence is limited to night-time. These creatures are drawn in numerous pictures while clad in black garments preferably long. Modern vampires look like normal humans except for the eyes not forgetting the teeth. However, during Halloween it is a common sight to see young children looking like little vampires.

Existence of vampires and warewolves

Werewolves are characters that look like wolves only that these are using the hind legs for support and not all fours. Having the appearance of humans and additional fur not to mention tails, these beings are portrayed as horrifying. Their destructive nature is evident especially in cases where residents of a locality believe to have seen a werewolf. With sharp claws, they tear their prey into pieces. Some transform from their human nature knowingly and others do so involuntarily under the influence of a full moon. Once bitten, a human can acquire such characteristics as that of the beast.

There has not been found any live specimen of such beings anywhere in the globe. If any is found, it would be a wise idea to classify it under endangered species then put it in a museum for display. Until then, the best place to have a glimpse of what they might look like is during Halloween. On that day members of the public use their creativity to come up with suits that mimic werewolves, vampires and several other mythical creatures. Biologically, their existence can spark a hot argument thanks to many reasons.

Purple skin is a far-fetched idea not to mention teeth longer and sharper than a dog’s. The possibility of someone to transform into an animal is strange because the genetic makeup of humans and animals are very different. Imagination is a product of a creative mind, can be done to pass time or for the business oriented, to earn money. Scriptwriters, poets together with other entertainers use their imagination to entertain their audiences. Transmitting an idea from the brain to another person and putting it in a way that they will understand it as you do, is a skill that should be considered a talent hence entertainers should be healed with esteem.