Ditto: The Pokémon that Can Shapeshift

Ditto: The Pokémon that Can Shapeshift

Pokémon is originally a role-playing game about building small teams of monsters for battle in a quest to become the best. This game became widely popular among children and adults alike. Due to its popularity, it even became an animated show that follows the adventure of a boy in his quest to become the best trainer. These monsters are creatures of all shapes and sizes living in the wild or with humans. Currently, there are 700 creatures in the Pokémon universe, and there are different types like fire, water, psychic, or dragon types. Every type has its advantages and disadvantages in battle, that can affect the outcome whether a trainer will win or lose in a tournament. Another popular Pokémon is Ditto, a type that can shapeshift into different types of creatures like Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and many more.

Ditto is classified as a normal-type Pokémon and is popular for its shapeshifting abilities, allowing it to transform into a perfect copy of other species. But there are cases when its transformation is imperfect which is dependent on this creature’s concentration and skills. Therefore, it is important for it to be trained perfectly by its trainer, to perfectly hone its shapeshifting skill. This creature can also shapeshift into a perfect or imperfect copy of humans and inanimate objects.

As already mentioned, a Ditto’s shapeshifting

Dittos are small, amorphous creatures that looks like light pink or purple blobs with small beady eyes, and a typically smiling mouth which fit their placid nature. Their only move in battle is transformation, wherein Dittos reorganize their cellular structures to become a functional copy of their opponents. A Ditto’s ability to shapeshift allows it to reproduce with almost all species, even with those that are genderless, which makes them a favorite of breeders. However, it can only work with a transformed Ditto to other types, as they cannot breed with each other.

As already mentioned, a Ditto’s shapeshifting abilities vary on its skills, as there are those who cannot mimic the facial features of what they are copying, making their transformation to be an inexact copy of that creature like a Pikachu with a Ditto’s face. In some cases, the shapeshift is perfect, but the size is still the same, not to the size of what they are mimicking. They can shapeshift into humans and inanimate objects too, as it is, they have the habit to mimick rocks when sleeping to prevent being bothered.

Ditto: The Pokémon that Can Shapeshift

The best way to defeat a Ditto is by making it laugh, as it cannot keep its disguise when Ditto’s concentration breaks which causes them to revert to its original form. Dittos will also naturally revert to their original form once in a relaxed state. Their transformation works best when Dittos can physically see what they are mimicking, an attempt of shapeshifting from memory often results in an imperfect transformation.

As a normal-type Pokémon, Dittos are useful in battle as well as in breeding, which make them popular to trainers and breeders alike. Even when it is only equipped with a shapeshifting ability, this creature opens various possibilities to win in battle or to help in reproducing other creatures that are hard to breed.