Difference Between Vampires and Werewolves
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Difference Between Vampires and Werewolves

Vampires and werewolves have existed for over a thousand years but their story of creation is different. A father and mother had lost their last born to an attack by a wolf pack so they desperately did the unthinkable. A witch called upon dark magic and changed the children into things with fangs, creatures of the dark. As for werewolves, the story goes that a young girl, with her last dying strength, placed a terrible curse on seven clans from the village. The curse was that every full moon once a month, they would in terrible pain turn into beasts.

Transitioning into a vamp is different

Transitioning into a vamp is different from how it happens with wolves. To become a wolf, you must be born from the seven bloodlines. But it does not stop there as to fully have the power from within, you must trigger the curse. Unfortunately, this curse is triggered by killing a normal human being, whether intentionally by shooting an enemy out of revenge or accidentally by jokingly pushing a friend over a locker and hitting the head so hard that they bleed to death. Eyes turn yellow and discomfort is felt in the abdomen. Bloodsuckers are sired, meaning all it takes is to die with their blood in your bloodstream and an hour later of being dead, you wake up feeling an insatiable need for human blood. This hunger only gets stronger and should you wish to have a successful transition, feeding on as little as a drop will guarantee that.

Difference Between Vampires and Werewolves

A vampire also differs from a wolf in the fact that their existence is immortal. Vampires can survive a bullet through the head, a direct hit from a train traveling over two hundred kilometers per hour and a deadly disease claiming thousands of human lives. Not only does death shy away from these bloodsuckers but so does the passing of time as their age does not change from the time of transition. However, a beast remains to be a mortal aging being who cannot survive serious injuries despite possessing special healing abilities.

The mode of feeding varies from one supernatural element to the other. Vampires have been cursed to an eternity of blood thirst without which, hunger hits hard and the body fades as it goes from cold to being colder. A constant or irregular supply of fresh warm blood keeps a vamp not necessarily strong but walking and active. A wolf consumes regular food like human beings unless it is a full moon to which transition occurs sending them on a human hunting spree that often leaves a trail of dead people.

Staking the heart, ripping it off, removing the head or burning the body of a vampire all at once are four ways of killing it. To kill an original, you’d be foolish to try because death for one only comes from a rare type of stake that has not existed for centuries, a white oak. For a wolf, a silver dagger or bullet to the heart has been known to leave a pack mourning the loss of their member.