Can A Werewolf Be Compared To A Lycan

Can A Werewolf Be Compared To A Lycan

Lycan is derived from the word Lycanthrope, are mythical creatures who can transform from a werewolf to a human and vice versa, their shift can be triggered by emotions or wanted to just shift. As for werewolves, they are still creatures that changes from werewolf to human, only on a full moon. The mythical creatures are similar in their speed, strength, and their ability for them to be able to bite a human with an aim to turn them into their kind. Beings like them believe in the moon goddess, which is called Luna in Roman, Selene in Greek, a beautiful celestial being who is worshiped by these beings. She is the mother of all werewolves and Lycanthrope, she was the one who granted a normal wolf the ability to change, giving them the name werewolf, not all wolves can change into werewolves.

For a werewolf it is easier

For a werewolf it is easier for them to find their mate but as for a Lycan, they are cursed never to have one except in rare cases. A lycan is the king of all wolves, they rule over the council and kingdom because he is more powerful, he can snap the neck of another creature with his bare hands to prove that he is stronger. The Moon goddess placed a curse on any werewolf who is to kill another werewolf that did him no wrong, anyone who breaks the rule will have a Lycan as an offspring, that no matter how the gender, they would never have a mate. As for werewolves, their mate can be found just by perceiving her scent or his scent, homosexuality can also be found within a werewolf community.

Lycans are bigger than an ordinary

Lycans are bigger than an ordinary werewolf in size and are even smarter. A Lycan can stand tall to look like a humanoid creature but a wolf can’t, a werewolf is big in size than a normal wolf. A newly turned Lycan has a strength of an average werewolf, their strength increases with how more centuries they live. Just as normal humans have constituted authority, these creatures have theirs, they call them the council, alpha, luna, beta, gamma and delta. While a Lycan is the main ruler, a council is assigned to watch over the crimes of the alpha. An alpha rules over the werewolf pack, a luna is the mother of a pack, mate to an alpha, a beta is the alpha’s assistant he watches over the pack when he isn’t around. The gamma deals with the crime aspect of the pack and the delta takes care of the pack business.

Can A Werewolf Be Compared To A Lycan

Among the two, lycans are harder to kill, it’s commonly known that werewolves are killed by silver. Lycans can only be killed by decapitation or if the cranium of the head is severely destroyed, silver only causes little damage on them. The word werewolf is from an old English language where “were” means man, adding it to wolf, it becomes werewolf or man wolf. In this modern day, lycanthrophy is used to describe a mental illness were a person see himself as an animal or can change into an animal.

It is very rare to find a female lycan because the moon goddess needs them for reproduction, to carry more of werewolf beings. There is also another kind of species of werewolf they are known as werewolf royalty. They are very rare and believed that most had gone on extinction. Apart from the Lycans, a werewolf born with royal blood can still rule over the kingdom of wolves, due to envy royal wolves were almost wiped out, few survived but in hiding.

Moon Goddess, blessed the Lycanthrope with special powers, even though they were cursed she gave them different powers. A lycanthrope can have the ability to control the elements, perform magic, teleport, telekinesis or telepathy, these things a werewolf can’t do. A werewolf weren’t left out from these blessings, a werewolf mate is blessed with the fruit of the womb, if given the chance a female werewolf can become pregnant fifteen times within a decade.

Another interesting fact about Lycan is the ability for them to stop growing at age twenty-one, can live up to a thousand years and would only die by being killed. A wolf will stop growing at the same age as Lycans, would live up to five hundred years before their age pick up again eventually growing old and dying. The son of the alpha would be ready to take over before his father hits the five hundred years of age. If he has no son or daughter the council will pick someone else from the pack. Since it’s rare for a Lycan to find a mate or have anyone that will mate with them, he can rule for as long as he wants.